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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Libra, Cupido, Venus, Taurus, Doves, Songbirds, Alabama, Kama, Asteroids

Alabama and Doves

Hello my friend.  I was watchin a videograph of gamekeepin in Alabama.  A gamekeeper stated that "...we've turned into one of the biggest dove-huntin areas of the country".

Instantly and straightway I realized, "Since Libra rules doves and birds of song, therefore Alabama's chart must have the Hamburg's School's planet Cupido linked to the ascendant."

Why not Venus?

Why Cupido and not Venus?  Venus rules also Taurus.  Were the ruler of doves Venus, then Taurus must rule also doves.  But Taurus rulesn't doves.  Therefore another planet than Venus must rule doves.


Another name for Cupido is "Kama".  Maybe "Cupido" isn't even the right name, since an asteroid is named "Cupido".

How Can Two Planets' Names Be the Same?

Another asteroid is named "Kama".  Through e.s.p. I am sure that the feelins emanated by the Hamburg's School's planet are the same emanations as those of the Kama in the Hindu writins.  The matter is not settled, by any means.  Theoretically a name should be valid for only one planet.

Also, the official name of any planet is valid.  But then we have a paradox in that my e.s.p. says that "Kama" is a valid name for the Hamburg's School's planet, while, at the same time, it is valid for the asteroid because it is official.  More is to be learnt, for sure.

Alabama's Birth's Chart

I have Carolyn R. Dodson's book Horoscopes of the U.S. States & Cities.  Therein looked I up the chart for Alabama.  December 14 1819, 12:00 midday  EST at the Capitol Buildin in Washinton DC.  Pisces risin.  I calculated the spot occupied by Cupido/Kama, and behold!  It was in the first house of Alabama, just as I reasoned!

Astrologically What Is Validated by this Findin?

What is validated:

  • The birth's time and the birth's spot of Alabama.  There has been some doubt about usin 12:00 EST as a state's birth's time, and about usin Washinton DC as the birth's spot.  Now they are again validated.
  • The rulership of Cupido/Kama, rather than Venus, over doves.
  • The rulership of Libra over doves.

Be Kind

Please to be so kind as to comment below,  I want to know what you are thinkin and how you are feelin about this article.  Thank you.

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Blogger Adele Wilson said...

Yes, Doves are definitely associated with the sign of Libra and therefore with planetary bodies that exclusively rule Libra and not Taurus. That is because Libra is the sign of partnership and mating, and Doves are very often seen in pairs. That is, it is more common to see two Doves together than just a single Dove. Generally, if you see just a single Dove, its mate is most likely somewhere nearby. Furthermore, the usual number of eggs that a female Dove lays is two; so again we have the concept of a pair.

8:01 PM

Blogger Erik the Vermilion said...

Thank you for the comment Adele.

8:44 PM


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