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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Libra, Cupido, Venus, Taurus, Doves, Songbirds, Alabama, Kama, Asteroids

Alabama and Doves

Hello my friend.  I was watchin a videograph of gamekeepin in Alabama.  A gamekeeper stated that "...we've turned into one of the biggest dove-huntin areas of the country".

Instantly and straightway I realized, "Since Libra rules doves and birds of song, therefore Alabama's chart must have the Hamburg's School's planet Cupido linked to the ascendant."

Why not Venus?

Why Cupido and not Venus?  Venus rules also Taurus.  Were the ruler of doves Venus, then Taurus must rule also doves.  But Taurus rulesn't doves.  Therefore another planet than Venus must rule doves.


Another name for Cupido is "Kama".  Maybe "Cupido" isn't even the right name, since an asteroid is named "Cupido".

How Can Two Planets' Names Be the Same?

Another asteroid is named "Kama".  Through e.s.p. I am sure that the feelins emanated by the Hamburg's School's planet are the same emanations as those of the Kama in the Hindu writins.  The matter is not settled, by any means.  Theoretically a name should be valid for only one planet.

Also, the official name of any planet is valid.  But then we have a paradox in that my e.s.p. says that "Kama" is a valid name for the Hamburg's School's planet, while, at the same time, it is valid for the asteroid because it is official.  More is to be learnt, for sure.

Alabama's Birth's Chart

I have Carolyn R. Dodson's book Horoscopes of the U.S. States & Cities.  Therein looked I up the chart for Alabama.  December 14 1819, 12:00 midday  EST at the Capitol Buildin in Washinton DC.  Pisces risin.  I calculated the spot occupied by Cupido/Kama, and behold!  It was in the first house of Alabama, just as I reasoned!

Astrologically What Is Validated by this Findin?

What is validated:

  • The birth's time and the birth's spot of Alabama.  There has been some doubt about usin 12:00 EST as a state's birth's time, and about usin Washinton DC as the birth's spot.  Now they are again validated.
  • The rulership of Cupido/Kama, rather than Venus, over doves.
  • The rulership of Libra over doves.

Be Kind

Please to be so kind as to comment below,  I want to know what you are thinkin and how you are feelin about this article.  Thank you.

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Clint Eastwood, Saturn, Contraparallels, and Physical Appearance

by Erik the Vermilion

Accordin to sources, Clint Eastwood and I are cousins, as both of us are reportedly spawn of William Bradford.  Same is true for Sarah Jessica Parker, Sally Field, and Richard Boone.

All of the aforesaid is irrelevant to the topic of this here article.  I was watchin a videoscope that had a clippin of Clint Eastwood in it and I noticed that his earlobes are attached.

Now pay attention:

1.  The ascendant, the planets in it, the rulin planets, and the signs wherein they are posited -- all of these affect the physical appearance.

2.  Only Saturn and Capricorn give attached earlobes.

3.  Clint's chart has Scorpio risin, with one ruler Mars in Aries and another ruler Pluto in Cancer.  Saturn is not in the first house, but in the second house in Capricorn.  Saturn does not conjoin Mars nor Pluto in Clint's chart.

I could see by the signs that Saturn couldn't be parallel to Mars nor to Pluto, as Saturn, bein near to the southern solstice, would have an extreme declination, while Mars, near to the equinox, would have  a low declination.

Meanwhile Pluto was in the sign opposite to Saturn, so that the declination would be north, since Pluto was near to the northern solstice, while Saturn's declination would be south.  So there could be no parallel.

4.  My previous belief was that contraparallels are not "personal" like conjunctions and parallels are.  However in this case it turned out that Pluto is contraparallel to Saturn, which is the only explanation for the attached earlobes.

5.  Restatement for clarity:  For earlobes to be attached, either Capricorn must be risin, or Saturn in the first house, or the ruler of the first in Capricorn, or Saturn conjunct or parallel to the ruler of the first house.

In this case it was a contraparallel, so we add that to the formula.  It means that Saturn becomes one of Clint's personal planets, as it is intimate with his ascendant and his appearance.

He can be described by describin a Saturnian personality, in addition to the Plutonian and Martial personality of the rulers of his risin sign.  Whenever Saturn receives the progressions or transits, he'll be more Saturnian, whenever Pluto gets them, he'll be more Plutonian.

You see how it works.

Please be the helpful soul and tell us what you think or how you feel in the comment below, and thank you for sodoin!

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Leslie Nielsen, Capricorn, Asteroid Pittsburghia, and Physical Appearance

A person's physical appearance is determined by the risin sign, and the sign held by its ruler. Except when Sun and Moon are conjunct in the same sign, then the appearance is of the Sun's/Moon's sign.

I saw a likeness of Leslie Nielsen with a fake beard and moustache, so that his mouth stood out, and I recognized it as an Aries risin mouth. However I knew that his risin sign was not Aries, but Capricorn, so, to myself, said I, "I wonder what planet of Capricorn's can have been in Aries at Leslie's birth?"

Click on the likeness to see about your own book of Leslie's Biography.

Find Leslie's movin pictures at this link:  Leslie Nielsen's Movin Pictures

I knew that Osiris and Odin could not have been there. I looked up his chart and found that Saturn was in Scorpio, not Aries. Lilith the shady moon was in Capricorn. So that left Sappho and Pittsburghia. Sappho was in Libra, and Voila! Pittsburghia in Aries, its exaltation.

So we gonna look to Leslie as a Pittsburghian type, to learn that, which we might learn, about that asteroid.

Leslie's Pittsburghia was strong for two reasons, one that it was exalted in Aries, and two that it was in mutual reception with Mars in Capricorn.

Click the likeness to see about gettin your own book the Ephemeris of Pittsburghia

The themes of Pittsburghia are big corporations, heavy industery. air pollution, and American football.
The roles that actors play always fit the whole chart of the actor himself.

Leslie did a promotion for a program Monday Night Football in Cincinnati.

Leslie's movin picture "Naked Gun 2 1/2"  was about quote " the evil leaders of the polluting energy industries (coal, oil, and nuclear power--or the lobby groups SMOKE, SPILL and KABOOM) "

I had a progressed moonal aspect to my initiation's Pittsburghia angular in the tenth house, and that was when Maharaj Ji spoke at Pittsburgh's airport and I made the trip to there.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vocational Astrology Nakshatras

I want to share an important discovery with you about vocational astrology. The nakshatra, based upon Lahiri ayanamsa.

There are 7 castes given. Moon = father's caste related to soul ray, Asc = mother's caste, related to personality ray, metaphorically. Some mixed castes are given in Manu Samhita, and some are not.

For instance mine with Moon in ksatriyya and asc Brahmana gives a charioteer, and so until my 2nd birth I was primarily proud to be involved in any kind of delivery or taxi drivin. Not somethin to ordinarily be proud of.

Adele Barger Wilson with Moon in Brahmana and asc Vaisya, manu says it is a medical Brahmana, and she has a genius for health preservation.

Brahmana the use of spoken word ray 7

Ksatriyya guardian, man at arms, ray 1

Serving -- counseling, psychology, teachin ray 2

Vaisya, business, commerce, farmin ray 3

Lowest, artist, ray 4

Butcher = modern scientist ray 5

Sudra, pleasure seeker ray 6

You will find that these just about always are hits big time for preferences in vocation.

Great Site For Astrology

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese Animal Years Zodiac Astrology Is Wrong Wrong Wrong

by Erik the Vermilion


Check out Zodiac Astrology by clickin this link.


CHINESE ZODIAC. Can't say "animal zodiac" because "zo" already means animaux. It would be sayin "animal animal".

The Chinese zodiac has the wron animaux assigned to the signs.

First I'll give, to you the Chinese attributions (that are based upon a Buddhist legend) and next the actual right attributions:
Dragon ARIES should be Sheep (Charubel's Planet Isis or Ishtar)

Snake TAURUS should be Ox (Planet Transpluto maybe "Krsna")

Horse GEMINI should be Monkey (Hamburg School Planet Sif Misnamed "Apollon").  Gemini rules monkeys and apes.

Sheep or Goat CANCER should be Dog.  I think Pluto rules dogs, but Cancer somehow is conneced with dogs.  This might be the only one that does not have a legitimate animal in the Chinese list.

Monkey LEO should be Tiger

Rooster VIRGO should be Rooster. Virgo rules domestic poultry.

Dog LIBRA should be Rabbit

Pig SCORPIO should be Snake (Planet Pluto)

Rat SAGITTARIUS should be Horse

Ox CAPRICORN should be Rat

Tiger AQUARIUS should be Pig (Plutino Planet Orcus or Porcus). Aquarius rules pigs, guinea pigs, and ground hogs.

Rabbit PISCES should be Dragon (Jaynean Planet Cosmos, the CIA/UFO planet)

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Zodiac Astrology: Religion, Freemasonry, Nodes, & Galactic Center

This is zodiac astrology for you: 

South node of Jupiter in Sagittarius. The only religions are obsolete. TV and internet have become the religion, with Jupiter's nn in Gemini. But non-Sagittarians cannot see that it is a religion, because Gemini does not want religion.

Galactic middle in Sagittarius makes religion to be important, but when it leaves and enters Capricorn, then the world order, masonry, and all that become important in stead of religion.

That is one reason why the so much interest since galactic middle went into 27 Sagittarius, also because Pluto went to there, too.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Horoscope Signs Intercepted, Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton's rising sign is the sign, of the horse!

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by Erik the Vermilion

I wondered about horoscope signs intercepted in the first house.  Gil Navarro was the protege of Ivy Jacobson, whose statements were totally reliable.  Gil said, that an intercepted sign, and its ruler, represent interference, in the house, wherein it is intercepted.

Meanwhile, Alfie LaVoie, whose statements I don't always trust, said that a person is ruled both by the ascendant, and by the intercepted sign in the ascendant.

My question was, "Does the intercepted sign rule the person?  Or does it rule somebody, or somethin, that interferes with the person."

I did not a systematic study, to get the answer.  I waited.  I knew Cyndi, whose risin sign was Aquarius, with Pisces intercepted in the first house.  She seemed to show personality of both Pisces and Aquarius.  Still I did not want to conclude from only one case.

Lately I did Paris Hilton's chart.  Sagittarius risin, with Capricorn intercepted in the first house.  At first I began, by ignorin the Capricorn, and treatin her interpretation, as though she were a simple Sagittarius risin.

In order to understand the subject of the chart better, Paris Hilton, I joined a forum of hers, and I began to study her family, and her quotations, and also to "psych out" who was involved in the marketin scheme, behind the scenes, that made an idol of her.

By and by, I began to suspect that she was under the rulership of Lilith.  It struck me, when I saw, that many of her tastes in entertainment were dark.  Anythin dark, in entertainment, is Lilithian, that is to say, also, satanic.

When I say "Lilith", I am talkin about "Dark Moon Lilith", from the Waldemath ephemeris.

Much of her family's history, and her family's ties are also Lilithian.  Just to be a celebrity, in modern times, is Lilithian, unless you are Prem Rawat.  Celebrity worship is part of the Babylonian heresy, that was transferred to Rome, with Simon Magus, and evolved into the Catholic Church.

Paris's family made their first fortune, when the catholic hierarchy, in the USA, granted, to them, the sale, of a hotel, that had been owned by somebody, whom they (the church) had murdered, several decades earlier.  The entire circumstances were Lilithian.

Paris's half Aunt Kim Richards, when you look at her resume in IMDB, you see, "blacksnake", "witch mountain" 3 times, "devil dog", "hound of hell", and "Blair witch".  Now, if those aren't Lilithian, to you, get out of here.

Therefore, I asked a horary astrology question, "Is Paris Hilton Lilithian?".  In horary astology, I always decide what to look for, before I look at the chart.

I determined, that if Lilith were in the 7th house, or conjunct the lo'ward, of the 7th house, then Paris Hilton is Lilithian.  Lilith was in the 7th house in the chart.  7th house usually represents whoever, or whatever, you are askin about.

For showin, if you are askin about your little brother, then the lo'ward, of the 7th, will be in the 3rd, or the lo'ward, of the 3rd, will be in the 7th, or they will be the same planet, or they will be conjunct each other.

The connection, to the 7th, is not always there, especially if there are many people involved in a situation.  To test, I find the planet, which is the right direction and the right distance, to be the person in question.

That can be problematical, too.  Ordinarily, the distance and direction have measured from my whereabouts.

However, in the case, of my Twin Flame, her whereabouts were always measured from the area where she grew up; or where her father was livin, or where her heart still was, while she was away from there -- I never understood which one it was.

Back to Paris Hilton -- the problem was, there was no indication in her birth's chart, usin my method, whereby she could have been Lilithian.

Lilith was one of her stronest planets, but it did not rule her (I thought), it ruled OTHERS.

I have identified 13 ways, wherein a planet can rule an individual, in their own chart.  I share these only with my private students.

So I asked my Lo'ward, "What, in Paris Hilton's birthchart, says, that she is Lilithian".

After a few hours, the answer came to me:  Capricorn intercepted in the first house.  Capricorn is ruled by Lilith.  In her chart, Lilith is one, of the stronest, of Capricorn's rulers.

Now, it was not scientific, it was revelatory.  The only proof, is that there is no other explanation.

The intercepted sign, in the first house, DOES rule the person.

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