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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Horoscope Signs Intercepted, Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton's rising sign is the sign, of the horse!

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by Erik the Vermilion

I wondered about horoscope signs intercepted in the first house.  Gil Navarro was the protege of Ivy Jacobson, whose statements were totally reliable.  Gil said, that an intercepted sign, and its ruler, represent interference, in the house, wherein it is intercepted.

Meanwhile, Alfie LaVoie, whose statements I don't always trust, said that a person is ruled both by the ascendant, and by the intercepted sign in the ascendant.

My question was, "Does the intercepted sign rule the person?  Or does it rule somebody, or somethin, that interferes with the person."

I did not a systematic study, to get the answer.  I waited.  I knew Cyndi, whose risin sign was Aquarius, with Pisces intercepted in the first house.  She seemed to show personality of both Pisces and Aquarius.  Still I did not want to conclude from only one case.

Lately I did Paris Hilton's chart.  Sagittarius risin, with Capricorn intercepted in the first house.  At first I began, by ignorin the Capricorn, and treatin her interpretation, as though she were a simple Sagittarius risin.

In order to understand the subject of the chart better, Paris Hilton, I joined a forum of hers, and I began to study her family, and her quotations, and also to "psych out" who was involved in the marketin scheme, behind the scenes, that made an idol of her.

By and by, I began to suspect that she was under the rulership of Lilith.  It struck me, when I saw, that many of her tastes in entertainment were dark.  Anythin dark, in entertainment, is Lilithian, that is to say, also, satanic.

When I say "Lilith", I am talkin about "Dark Moon Lilith", from the Waldemath ephemeris.

Much of her family's history, and her family's ties are also Lilithian.  Just to be a celebrity, in modern times, is Lilithian, unless you are Prem Rawat.  Celebrity worship is part of the Babylonian heresy, that was transferred to Rome, with Simon Magus, and evolved into the Catholic Church.

Paris's family made their first fortune, when the catholic hierarchy, in the USA, granted, to them, the sale, of a hotel, that had been owned by somebody, whom they (the church) had murdered, several decades earlier.  The entire circumstances were Lilithian.

Paris's half Aunt Kim Richards, when you look at her resume in IMDB, you see, "blacksnake", "witch mountain" 3 times, "devil dog", "hound of hell", and "Blair witch".  Now, if those aren't Lilithian, to you, get out of here.

Therefore, I asked a horary astrology question, "Is Paris Hilton Lilithian?".  In horary astology, I always decide what to look for, before I look at the chart.

I determined, that if Lilith were in the 7th house, or conjunct the lo'ward, of the 7th house, then Paris Hilton is Lilithian.  Lilith was in the 7th house in the chart.  7th house usually represents whoever, or whatever, you are askin about.

For showin, if you are askin about your little brother, then the lo'ward, of the 7th, will be in the 3rd, or the lo'ward, of the 3rd, will be in the 7th, or they will be the same planet, or they will be conjunct each other.

The connection, to the 7th, is not always there, especially if there are many people involved in a situation.  To test, I find the planet, which is the right direction and the right distance, to be the person in question.

That can be problematical, too.  Ordinarily, the distance and direction have measured from my whereabouts.

However, in the case, of my Twin Flame, her whereabouts were always measured from the area where she grew up; or where her father was livin, or where her heart still was, while she was away from there -- I never understood which one it was.

Back to Paris Hilton -- the problem was, there was no indication in her birth's chart, usin my method, whereby she could have been Lilithian.

Lilith was one of her stronest planets, but it did not rule her (I thought), it ruled OTHERS.

I have identified 13 ways, wherein a planet can rule an individual, in their own chart.  I share these only with my private students.

So I asked my Lo'ward, "What, in Paris Hilton's birthchart, says, that she is Lilithian".

After a few hours, the answer came to me:  Capricorn intercepted in the first house.  Capricorn is ruled by Lilith.  In her chart, Lilith is one, of the stronest, of Capricorn's rulers.

Now, it was not scientific, it was revelatory.  The only proof, is that there is no other explanation.

The intercepted sign, in the first house, DOES rule the person.

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