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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Advanced-Astrology Signs: Cancer, Leo, Libra

As you
learn astrology, you are eventually goin to come across the Hamburg School planets, which have, for no reason whatsoever, been called "the Uranian planets.

The planet Wotan has been misnamed, by the Hamburg school. It has been called "kronos", which is another name for Saturn. Since 2 planets can't have the same name, it can't be both Saturn plus a Hamburg School planet also.

An asteroid and a planet can share the same name, however.

Wotan rules whatever is the best in the world, and the sign of Cancer.

Now I'll volunteer to key a little bit, about the 7 rays, because I want to talk about planet Zeus. If you don't know about the 7 rays, just realize that there are 7 energies.

There are also 5 energies and 4 energies systems, but here I want to talk about the 7 energy system.

Ray IV is the ray of the artist. I think that ray IV may also have to do also with fabrication, so you see folks makin art-sculptures with weldin, and other tools that might be used in fabrication.

Planet Zeus (Tiu) rules
Leo. Zeus is definitely tied to fabrication, and it may also be tied to art. That remains to be proven.

Leo rules the word "Art" and "Artist", but Libra and ?Cupido (same as Hymen, Kama) are also tied in with the field, of art. Cupido is exalted in Leo, and Zeus is probably exalted in Libra. I would be interested to see, whether Zeussians talk much of art and artist.

The same is true, of the word "love". It is a word under Leo, but of much concern to Libra as well. Perhaps Zeus rules that word. I notice myself feelin more "playful", whenever Zeus has hit me, by transit or progression.

The Biblical Bible Fixit Middles may eventually add this advanced type of learning astrology, to their curriculum, or they may decide that astrology is to be neglected. We await their decision.

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