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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese Animal Years Zodiac Astrology Is Wrong Wrong Wrong

by Erik the Vermilion


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CHINESE ZODIAC. Can't say "animal zodiac" because "zo" already means animaux. It would be sayin "animal animal".

The Chinese zodiac has the wron animaux assigned to the signs.

First I'll give, to you the Chinese attributions (that are based upon a Buddhist legend) and next the actual right attributions:
Dragon ARIES should be Sheep (Charubel's Planet Isis or Ishtar)

Snake TAURUS should be Ox (Planet Transpluto maybe "Krsna")

Horse GEMINI should be Monkey (Hamburg School Planet Sif Misnamed "Apollon").  Gemini rules monkeys and apes.

Sheep or Goat CANCER should be Dog.  I think Pluto rules dogs, but Cancer somehow is conneced with dogs.  This might be the only one that does not have a legitimate animal in the Chinese list.

Monkey LEO should be Tiger

Rooster VIRGO should be Rooster. Virgo rules domestic poultry.

Dog LIBRA should be Rabbit

Pig SCORPIO should be Snake (Planet Pluto)

Rat SAGITTARIUS should be Horse

Ox CAPRICORN should be Rat

Tiger AQUARIUS should be Pig (Plutino Planet Orcus or Porcus). Aquarius rules pigs, guinea pigs, and ground hogs.

Rabbit PISCES should be Dragon (Jaynean Planet Cosmos, the CIA/UFO planet)

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