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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Gemini and Mercury Don't Rule Authors?

I Found out that Mercury's Sign of Exaltation has not Been Settled

Lately the esoteric astrologer Adele Barger Wilson notified me that for hundreds of years there has been disagreement about whether the exaltation sign of Mercury is Virgo or Aquarius.

This was news to me.  All the sources that I recall havin seen (maybe one not-so-old exception) have given Virgo as Mercury's sign of exaltation.

How I Learned the Method of Researchin

I resolved to find out which sign is the right one.  A method that has worked for me in past has been to tally the number of folks associated with a particular occupation or topic, such as, for instance Jungian psychology for the asteroid Jung.

I once worked in a kitchen.  Actually more than once, but in one particular kitchen I had the births' dates of many of the workers, and the times of birth of many of them.  80% of them were born with Virgo either as the Sun's sign or the risin sign.

That was surprisin, as Cancer has been most often associated with cookin, but with Virgo for scientific studyin of nutrition.  Cancer was next higher in sum after Virgo, but Virgo was way ahead of all of the other signs.

Thus the Sun's sign and the risin sign alone should yield sufficient relevant results, whenever we search to find out the signs' rulerships and exaltations of newerly considered planets.

Patterns in Previous Researchin

So I get the astrological charts of folks most famously associated with the topic.  In the case of the asteroid Jung I looked at the birthdates of famous Jungian psychologists.

Occasionally the risin sign was available, but in the case of asteroid Jung I had mostly just Sun's signs.

So I tallied how many Aries, how many Taurus, and so on through the signs.

In my previous researchin, the highest tallyin sign has consistently proven to be the exaltation sign, while the sign opposite to that one was the lowest tallyin sign, or close to it.  That was the sign of the planet's fallin.

Next highest sign in the tallyin has been the sign ruled by the planet, and the other of the two lowest tallyin signs was the sign o debility -- the sign opposite to the sign of rulership

So what we see here is that the exaltation sign produces the foremost representatives of the topic ruled by the planet that is bein researched.

Next comes the sign ruled by that planet, while their opposite signs produce the least number of well known representatives of that topic.

Mercury has Been Thought to Rule All Writers

In all of the sources that I have read, Mercury has been given as the ruler of writers.  Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo.

I went forward expectin to find those two signs highly represented among famous writers, with Aquarius bein a third sign if it is Mercury's exaltation, or without it if not.

Surprisin Results

Here are the tallies (below).  The list shows pairs of opposite signs.  Many of these writers' times of birth are known, so that perhaps one third of the tallies are of risin signs.

Leo 26   Aquarius18
Libra 20   Aries 8
Cancer 20   Capricorn 15
Gemini 12   Sagittarius 13
Virgo 11   Pisces 13
Taurus 10  Scorpio 13


First of all notice that Neither Gemini nor Virgo has a high tallyin.  That means that Mercury is not the ruler of famous authors.

Next we notice that none of the results is very low.  Each sign's score is either high or middlin, compared to other researches that I have done.

The signs, that are opposite to the three highest-scorin signs, did not score very lowly, as they should have done were this a typical phenomenon.

In fact the sign opposite to the highest-scorin sign Leo is the fourth-highest Aquarius.  Clearly:

Inferences of the Results

1)  We are dealin with two or more planets.

2)  The diginities of those planets do not overlap, or else the debilities would have lower scores than in this studyin.

In other words, the debility of one of the planets is either neutral to or is a dignity of the other planet that rules famous authors.  If both planets had the same debility, then that sign would have a lower score than in this studyin.

Author Authority Arthur Art

The kind of writin that most of these writers do is considered to be an artform.  In other words, it is not technical writin, or a business reportin, but entertainment in most cases.

Famous astrological writers were include also, and Leo was very strong in their charts, which is consistent with the results given by the charts of the novelists.  Yogananda the yogi was included also, he havin Leo risin.

Now Leo rules the words "author", "authority", "Arthur", and "art", which, in spite of the variety of their meanins, appear to be related words from astrological kind of logic.

Leo rules one's creative product or any product that one creates.

Some sources say this is ruled by Sun, but that can't be true here, because if it were the Sun that rules authors, then Aries would have a high score; but here instead the opposite sign to Aries has the high score (Libra) while Aries's score is low.

We must look for another planet that rules Leo.  Hypothetical Hamburg-School "Uranian" planet Zeus (Tiu) is one such planet.  It rules production, productivity, and creativity.

Thus I believe that Zeus rules art, and hence, because of the relationship between the words "art" and "author", rules authors; confirmed by the fact that authorship is creative productivity.

The Great Mutation

Conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn repeatedly happen in the same element (fire, earth, air, water) again and again for hundreds of years   After a while they move into the next element.

Sometimes they go back and forth once or twice.  The conjunction in the new element, that is not followed by a reversion to the previous element, is called "The Great Mutation".


Civilizations, if they survive, last 1500 years.  Each civilization begins after a great mutation and is ruled by it and by the sign wherein it happened.

Hellenic Civilization

The great mutation that marked the beginnin of the Hellenic civilization was in Libra.  Thus the Hellenic civilization was ruled by Libra.

Whom Did Hellenes Exalt?

The most honored deity among Hellenes was Zeus (called "Tiu" in the Northlands).  Thus the planet Zeus is exalted in Libra.

Zeus in the Results

In our studyin, both Leo and Libra have high scores.  That would suggest that Zeus might rule famous authors.

Another Possibility

Hypothetical planet Cupido rules Libra and is exalted in Leo.  It could be the planet whereafter we seek.  I don't sense that Cupido has to do with writin.

Besides that, the word "author" is a Leo word, so I'm goin to pick Zeus as one of the rulers of famous authors.

What is the Other Planet?

In the top four scorin signs, we may have accounted for Leo and Libra.  But what of Cancer and Aquarius, the next two highest scorin signs?

The second planet would likely be dignified in both Cancer and Aquarius.  I don't have enough knowledge to pick which planet is the likeliest one.

Orcus and Vanth may rule Aquarius.  Mythological expert Robert Graves said that Orcus is the same as Porcus the pig, although Orcus seems to rule whales, but is not proven to rule pigs.

Pigs, groundhogs, hedgehogs, whistlepigs, and guinea pigs are ruled by Aquarius.

Atlantis, Oceana, Memoria, Marc, Mary, Maria, House, Las Casas, Thule, and America likely rule Cancer.

Altjira, Pholus and/or its binary Vanth may be exalted in Aquarius.

Eris, Pandora, Orcus, and Okyrhoe may be exalted in Cancer.

Elatus is a centaur that has to do with writin.  Altjira has to do with sharin active imagination with others.

Be Kind

Please to be so kind as to comment below,  I want to know what you are thinkin and how you are feelin about this article.  Thank you.

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