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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vocational Astrology Nakshatras

I want to share an important discovery with you about vocational astrology. The nakshatra, based upon Lahiri ayanamsa.

There are 7 castes given. Moon = father's caste related to soul ray, Asc = mother's caste, related to personality ray, metaphorically. Some mixed castes are given in Manu Samhita, and some are not.

For instance mine with Moon in ksatriyya and asc Brahmana gives a charioteer, and so until my 2nd birth I was primarily proud to be involved in any kind of delivery or taxi drivin. Not somethin to ordinarily be proud of.

Adele Barger Wilson with Moon in Brahmana and asc Vaisya, manu says it is a medical Brahmana, and she has a genius for health preservation.

Brahmana the use of spoken word ray 7

Ksatriyya guardian, man at arms, ray 1

Serving -- counseling, psychology, teachin ray 2

Vaisya, business, commerce, farmin ray 3

Lowest, artist, ray 4

Butcher = modern scientist ray 5

Sudra, pleasure seeker ray 6

You will find that these just about always are hits big time for preferences in vocation.

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