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Sunday, May 03, 2009

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Birthday Astrology

by Erik the Vermilion

Your birthday sign may work for you, or it may not, it depends on a few thins:

Is the Sun stron in that sign, or weak? Leo and Aries are stron signs for the Sun to be in on your birthday. The chance of bein like your sign description is increased.

Is the description rightly written? A Virgo-type person might pick up a trivial detail in the description, that might be carelessly written, and, so, throw out the whole works.

What time of day were you born? Your birthday sign is strongest as the Sun passes the horizon and the meridian. Also the closer it gets to those places, the stronger it gets.

Therefore, at sunrise, sunset, mean noon (not clock noon), or mean midnight (not clock midnight), you are the most like your sign.

But soon afterward, the Sun falls away from those places, and is cadent. Cadent means "fallin". Then you are the least like your birthday sign's description.

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