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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

My Horary Technique

I have joined an electronic music forum in Zagreb. I want to know when will be a best time for me to post my first message therein. I have already located online translating services for the Croatian language.

I could spend time using electional astrology and find a good time to transmit my first posting, so that my participation in the group's discussions will be of maximum benefit. That (electional astrology) is how I chose the time for registering with the group, except that I used a simplified method, which may have some uncalculated negative in with the positive, for it was done in the interest of speed, not thoroughness.

For this particular question -- when to post the first message to the forum -- I chose to ask the horary question, "should I post to the forum right now?" This reduces the matter to a "yes/no" format. The answer can be obtained quickly, then the question can be asked again another day, and again answered quickly. The following tells to you how I arrived at my answer, using horary astrology.

For horary "yes-no" questions, I use a variant of the Marc-Edmund-Jones-technique:

See the "mundane" (whole-sign) aspects between the lo'ward of the house, and the lo'ward of the opposite house (this is the Marc Edmund-Jones technique).

EXAMPLE: If you are asking whether to join a club, it is ruled by the 11th house. If Scorpio is on the 11th, then it is ruled by Mars, and the opposite house (Taurus on the cusp) is ruled by Venus.

Supposing Venus is found in Leo, and Mars in Aries. Then you join the club, because Leo and Aries are signs that are in trine to each other. You would get the same answer for a sextile or conjunction, but a negatory for a square or opposition, or inconjunction (semi-sextiles and quincunxes are both inconjunctions, meaning "not joined together").

Because I am an initiate, and not a "regular humanity", I use the hierarchical rulers (see Alice A. Bailey "Esoteric Astrology") of the signs.

However, I modify the above technique, for the following reason:

Marc Edmund Jones said that the part of fortune (do not reverse for night-time charts) shows which house the question really is about. Therefore, if you are asking about a club, and the part of fortune for the chart of the question was in the sixth house, then in the final analysis, your health (or service, pet, etc.) will be seen to have been a more important consideration than the benefits arising from membership in the club.

Therefore, I always assign the question to the house holding the part of fortune. If the querent is a disciple or an initiate (per Alice A. Bailey's Esoteric Astrology) then I change the cusps and planets to the sidereal zodiac, using the degree opposite to Spica as zero Aries.

In the case of my posting to the electronic music forum, the answer was simple:

Whenever 0, 1, or 2 degrees is on the ascendant of a query, it is too soon to do anything about it (in this type of question -- sometimes it means you are asking about something that has just begun, but still it is too soon to form any definite policy). So my chart had one degree on the ascendant: it is too soon for me to post a message. Might this also mean that it is well to post a message, but that it is the beginning of a cycle of messages? Maybe. I'll ask God about this right now.

He is saying that with a low degree on ascendant, it would be better and more efficient use of time to wait, before doing anything.

If 27, 28, or 29 degrees are on the ascendant of the chart of the question, then you already have learned the answer from another source. I had a client who used to consult a psychic with a lot of questions, then ask me the same questions to see if I would confirm what was said to him by the psychic. Always the last 3 degrees of signs would be the ascendants of the charts. So I kept telling him that his proposals were unworkable, because that is what the books and teachers always said about those degrees on the ascendants. However, when he told me what the psychic had said about the questions, I had to wonder and pray, what might be the reason for the discrepancy between the psychic's readings and my readings, and that was when it was revealed to me that a horary question has to be a fresh question, and not one that you already have asked elsewhere.

One more consideration that is very very important. There is a satellite of Earth, called Lilith. This is not the asteroid called Lilith, and it is not the blank place in the Moon's orbit, also called "The dark moon Lilith". It is neither of these. It is a shadowy satellite of Earth, and it moves 3 degrees and two minutes per day only forward and never retrograde.

For anybody who asks me by email, I post the approximate (+/- 3 degrees) ephemeris position of Lilith in the files of the Travel Adventure Game .

Whenever Lilith is in the first house or conjunct the Sun, Moon, or Lo'ward of the first house, then the activity contemplated would work out badly in the end, it is a no-go. It could succeed, in some cases, but the succeeding would bring disaster on the querent in the end. There is a few other planets which I think might have this effect also. One is a Hamburg School planet which has been misnamed "Hades". "Hades" is actually another name for Pluto, as are "Heimdal" and "Gandalf", or I am mistaken. The real name is "Surt", one of the real names. Another one would be the planet Nibiru, which is also called Grendel, or "Planet X". I suspect that 1992QB1 may be another of this ilk.

Happy Horarizing
Erik the Vermilion