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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Clint Eastwood, Saturn, Contraparallels, and Physical Appearance

by Erik the Vermilion

Accordin to sources, Clint Eastwood and I are cousins, as both of us are reportedly spawn of William Bradford.  Same is true for Sarah Jessica Parker, Sally Field, and Richard Boone.

All of the aforesaid is irrelevant to the topic of this here article.  I was watchin a videoscope that had a clippin of Clint Eastwood in it and I noticed that his earlobes are attached.

Now pay attention:

1.  The ascendant, the planets in it, the rulin planets, and the signs wherein they are posited -- all of these affect the physical appearance.

2.  Only Saturn and Capricorn give attached earlobes.

3.  Clint's chart has Scorpio risin, with one ruler Mars in Aries and another ruler Pluto in Cancer.  Saturn is not in the first house, but in the second house in Capricorn.  Saturn does not conjoin Mars nor Pluto in Clint's chart.

I could see by the signs that Saturn couldn't be parallel to Mars nor to Pluto, as Saturn, bein near to the southern solstice, would have an extreme declination, while Mars, near to the equinox, would have  a low declination.

Meanwhile Pluto was in the sign opposite to Saturn, so that the declination would be north, since Pluto was near to the northern solstice, while Saturn's declination would be south.  So there could be no parallel.

4.  My previous belief was that contraparallels are not "personal" like conjunctions and parallels are.  However in this case it turned out that Pluto is contraparallel to Saturn, which is the only explanation for the attached earlobes.

5.  Restatement for clarity:  For earlobes to be attached, either Capricorn must be risin, or Saturn in the first house, or the ruler of the first in Capricorn, or Saturn conjunct or parallel to the ruler of the first house.

In this case it was a contraparallel, so we add that to the formula.  It means that Saturn becomes one of Clint's personal planets, as it is intimate with his ascendant and his appearance.

He can be described by describin a Saturnian personality, in addition to the Plutonian and Martial personality of the rulers of his risin sign.  Whenever Saturn receives the progressions or transits, he'll be more Saturnian, whenever Pluto gets them, he'll be more Plutonian.

You see how it works.

Please be the helpful soul and tell us what you think or how you feel in the comment below, and thank you for sodoin!

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