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Tuesday, March 30, 2004


Here is a correspondence between me and a client, with explanations how I made the conclusions:


I have the following question for which your guidance would be appreciated.

Friday, March 19, 2004 - 11:21 AM

I have a nagging suspicion that a particular person may be habitually deceiving me if not actively attempting to damage me in some way (reputation, self-esteem, etc.). I believe this person's behavior to be a pattern of deception that I've just discovered, although the motive behind it is unknown to me.

Is this for real, or am I just being paranoid? If it is for real, what's the motivation behind it? Anger? Jealousy? Hatred? I don't know.

My (Erik the Vermilion's) replying follows:


The person you are thinking of actually is under your influence, yielding to you. You might want to consider that this is a spiritually clumsy person or emotionally clumsy, you might say, like a drunk friend coming over and breaking all your furniture by accident.

But there is an e.t. connection, it may be that the person is so weak that he/she can't help being used by a certiain astral e.t. entity, somehow connected with your employer, or with someone who is in an official relationship of authority vis a vis yourself.

There is a secret foe, but not the person you are thinking of, and they are not actively injuring you at this time, so far as I am able to determine at the library. But when I get to Clairvoyance (my abode) I can check the third spatial coordinate of the chart, which is unavailable here. Only two physical dimensions are on the readout here, the third may disclose additional info.

The secret foe is an aggressive, resentful, and materialistic person of the same social milieu as yourself, someone whose aggression is normally gradual and slow, but occasionally volcanic. In lieu of your social milieu, it could be somebody in a same professional association, but in any case, what you would term a "peer group".

The person seems also to be connected with your work, or with your health care, or maybe just somebody whom you consider to be a problem (e.g. work can be thought of as a problem). See how the symbolism tends to overlap. Work/problem/problem person.

But there is no threat from this person indicated for about the next 17 weeks, which is the duration of the chart. It is plus or minus, but I have to be at Clairvoyance to tell which.

If this is not clear enough, I can try another approach at Clairvoyance.

Thank you for asking this question of me, it is for me like a fun puzzle, even though I know it causes you distress. But, then, I like to find ways to relieve you of your distress. "Can do" is the watchword.

Thank You So Heartily
Erik the Vermilion

Then the client's replying to me:

Excellent! This is very informative. I've suspected the "secret foe" (who isn't much of a secret, by the way), but I omitted that as not to influence the interpretation.

Many thanks!!!

I don't feel like writing the explanation right now. Why don't you do the chart and email me at , to see if your explanation agrees with mine.

I'll come back and do the explanation another day...

...if I feel like it.